What does the Jumpshare file-viewer have to offer?

An overview of the primary features of the Jumpshare file viewer. 

The Jumpshare file-viewer is capable of viewing over 200 file formats without the need to switch to any other software to preview your files. With Jumpshare on your side, you can view a wide variety of formats encompassing video, audio, image, document, font, and code formats. You name it.

The file-viewer adapts to the file type and allows you to view files in full-screen, with zoom up to 200%, playback your videos at a variety of speeds ranging from 0.5x to 2.0x, and even print documents.

The sidebar

Video editing toolbar

The video editing toolbar contains several editing features to customize your recording experience.

  • Trim: Trim your video to make your video short and sweet, improving the retention of your message to your audience.
  • Add CTA: Add a CTA button to redirect your audience to meaningful resources like booking appointments or viewing your website.
  • Video thumbnail: You can create a custom static or GIF thumbnail for your videos, allowing your audience to gain an insight into your video before they even click on it. You can also embed this thumbnail onto your website to make your page more striking.

📌 Non-video files only show the Analytics toolbar and the comment section.

Analytics toolbar

The analytics toolbar allows you to get an insight into your audience. It shows the number of views and downloads on your file, showing you when your file has been viewed, by whom, and from which location.

Comments section

The file-viewer shows  in-video comments as well as timed comments in the comment section in the sidebar. You can mention your team members in the comments by using the "@" button. You can mention people by name if they are part of your Jumpshare workspace and they can reply back to you in a thread.

If you share your files with someone who does not have a Jumpshare account, they can still use the guest commenting feature to comment on your files.

Additional features

  • Disable commenting: You can disable comments for your clients for selected files without having to leave the file viewer.
  • Security controls: Restrict access by setting up privacy controls like Lock to password protect your files and set an expiry limit for your links.
  • Disable downloads: Add an extra layer to your copyright content by disabling download for your shared files.
  • Custom logo: Add a custom logo to your file-viewer and shared video folders for that extra branding when you share files.