List of supported formats

Here's a list of all the formats you can view on the Jumpshare file-viewer. 

Jumpshare has a powerful file-viewer that is capable of viewing over 200 file formats online for better collaboration. This includes video, audio, and most document formats. Find the entire list below:

Video formats (with file extensions)

MP4 (mp4)

Apple QuickTime Movie (mov)

iTunes Video File (m4v)

MPEG-2 Video (m2v)

Audio Video Interleave File (avi)

Windows Media Video File (wmv)

Real Media File (rm)

MPEG Movie (mpeg)

MPEG Movie (mpg)

Ogg Video File (ogv)

3GPP Multimedia File (3gp)

3GPP2 Multimedia File (3g2)

DVD Video Object File (vob)

Flash Video File (flv)

WebM Video File (webm)

Matroska Video File (mkv)

Image Formats (with file extensions)

JPEG/Joint Photographic Experts Group (jpg, jpeg)

JPE/Joint Photographic Experts Group (jpe)

JPEG 2000 Core Image File (jp2)

JPEG 2000 Image (jpf)

Bitmap Image (bmp, bmp2, bmp3, bitmap)

GIF/Graphics Interchange Format (gif)

PNG/Portable Network Graphics (png, png8, png24, png32)

TIFF/Tagged Image File Format (tiff, tiff64)

TIF/Tagged Image File Format (tif)

Pyramid encoded TIFF (ptif)

Photoshop Data File (psd)

GIMP/eXperimental Computing Facility (xcf)

Icon (ico, icon)

Scalable Vector Graphics (svg, svgz, msvgs)

Encapsulated PostScript (eps, eps2, epsf)

Adobe Illustrator Artwork (ai)

Nikon Raw Image Format (nef)

Raw Image Format (cr2)

Canon Raw Image format (crw)

Kodak Raw Image format (dcr, kdc, k25)

Sigma Camera Raw Image format (x3f)

Sony Raw Image format (arw)

Sony Raw Image format (sr2, srf)

Konica-Minolta Raw Image format (mrw)

Epson Raw Image format (erf)

Fuji Raw Image format (raf)

PICT (pct, pict)

DirectDraw Surface (dds)

Digital Negative (dng)

Ikon PodFlow (pex)

Hasselblad Digital Camera Raw Image Format (3fr)

Portable Pixmap Format (ppm)

Olympus Raw File Format (orf)

Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image Format (pef)

Dune Device Image Format (aai)

openEXR Image (exr)

High Dynamic Range (hdr)

DICOM Image/Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (dcm, dicom)

Photoshop Large Document Format (psb)

Portable Bitmap Format (pbm)

Interchange File Format (iff)

Scitex Continuous Tone File format (sct)

Truevision TGA Raster graphics File (tga)

Flexible Image Transport System (fit, fits, fts)

Multiple-image Network Graphics (mng)

Portable Graymap Format/ Netpbm Format (pgm)

Netpbm Format (pnm)

Portable Arbitrary Map/Netpbm Format (pam)

PostScript File (ps)

PostScript File (ps2)

PostScript File (ps3)

Silicon Graphics Image (sgi)

X Pixmap (xpm)

X BitMap (xbm)

X Windows Dump Image (xwd)

Personal Computer Exchange (pcx)

PC Paintbrush File Format (pcc)

CUR (cur)

Audio Formats (with file extensions)

MP3 (mp3)

MPEG Layer II Compressed (mp2)

Windows Media Audio (wma)

Waveform Audio (wav)

Ogg Vorbis (ogg)

Advanced Audio Coding (aac)

Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac)

Sun Microsystems Audio (au)

Audio Interchange Format (aif, aiff)

Global System for Mobile Audio (gsm)

Real Audio File (ra)

MIDI File (mid)

Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File (arm)

MPEG-4 Audio Layer (m4a)

Document Formats (with file extensions)

Apple Pages Document (pages)

Microsoft Word Open XML Document (docx)

Microsoft Word Document (doc)

Rich Text Format File (rtf)

OpenDocument Text Document (odt)

WordPerfect Document (wpd)

Microsoft Works Word Processor (wps)

JustSystems-Ichitaro File (jtd, jtt)

Portable Document Format File (pdf)

Encapsulated Portable Document Format (epdf)

LaTeX Source Document (tex)

FrameMaker Maker Markup (mml)

Uniform Office Document (uof

Uniform Office Document (uot

StarOffice Writer Text Document (sdw, sxw)

PostScript (PS)

Level II PostScript File (PS2)

Level III PostScript File (PS3)

DjVu File (DjVu)

eBook Formats (with file extensions)

Amazon Kindle eBook File (azw)

Amazon Print Replica eBook (azw4)

Compiled HTML Help File (chm)

Comic Book Zip Archive (cbz)

DjVu Image (djvu)

Electronic Publication (epub)

FictionBook 2.0 File (fb2)

Zipped HTML eBook (htmlz)

eBook File (lit)

Sony Portable Reader File (lrf)

Librie Reader Source File (lrs)

Mobipocket eBook (mobi)

Process Monitor Log File (pml)

Recipe Markup Language Document (recipe)

Shanda Bambook eBook File (snb)

Psion Series 3 eBook File (tcr)

Comic Book RAR Archive (cbr)

Mobipocket eBook File (prc)

Kindle Topaz eBook File (tpz)

SigmaStat File

Presentation Formats (with file extensions)

OpenDocument Presentation (odp)

OpenDocument Presentation Template (otp)

PowerPoint Template (pot)

PowerPoint Slide Show (pps, ppsx)

PowerPoint Presentation (ppt)

PowerPoint Open XML Presentation (pptx)

StarOffice Presentation (sdd)

StarOffice Presentation Template (sti

Stat Studio Program (sx)

Uniform Office Presentation (uop)

StarOffice Impress Presentation (sxi)

Code Formats (with file extensions)

ActionScript File (as, actionscript)

Bash Shell Script (sh)

Sendmail Configuration File (cf)

ColdFusion Markup File (cfm)

Visual C# Source Code File (cs)

C/C++ Source Code File (c)

C/C++ Header File (h)

C++ Source Code File (cc)

Xcode C++ Source File (cp)

C++ Source Code File (cpp)

Markdown (md, markdown)

Objective-C Implementation File (m)

Cascading Style Sheet (css)

Pascal Source File (pas)

Difference File (diff)

Patch File (patch)

Erlang Source Code File (erl)

Script File (groovy)

JavaScript File (js)

Java Source Code File (java)

Perl Script (pl)

Source File (perl)

PHP Source Code File (php)

Plain Text File (txt, text)

Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File (ps1)

Python Script (py, python)

Ruby Source Code (rb, ruby)

Scala (programming language) (scala)

Structured Query Language Data (sql)

VBScript File (vb)

Extensible Hypertext Markup (xhtml)

XSL Transformation File (xslt)

Hypertext Markup Language File (html)

Rich Site Summary (rss)

Atom Syndication Format (atom)

XML File (xml)

Spreadsheet Formats (and file extensions)

Microsoft Excel (xls)

Excel Microsoft Office Open XML Format Spreadsheet (xlsx)

Excel Binary Workbook (xlsb)

Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (xlsm)

Open Document Spreadsheet (ods)

Comma-Separated Value (csv)

CAD Formats (and file extensions)

AutoCAD (dwg)

Drawing Interchange Format (dxf)

Font Formats (with file extensions)

TrueType Font (ttf)

OpenType Font (otf)

Web Open Font Format File (woff)

TrueType Font Collection (ttc)

Mac OS X Data Fork Font (dfont)

Spline Font Database File (sfd)