How to view video/file analytics

Video analytics made simple.

How do I use Analytics?

Jumpshare for Business and Enterprise offers Advanced Analytics that helps you analyze how your files are performing. It gives you a comprehensive overview of your audience detailing who’s viewed and downloaded your files and from where and when.

You can use Analytics to inform you of where most of your audience is along with the times your video or other files have been viewed. To view general analytics, click on Analytics in the left bar on your web app.

How can I see who's viewed my file?

  1. Click on the cogwheel icon that appears on your file when you hover over it. On the desktop app, this menu is represented by the button with the three dots.
  2. Select View Stats from the menu.

📌 You can also see who has viewed your file by opening your file in the viewer. The sidebar shall show you who has viewed your file, from what location, and at what time.

How are file views counted?

For files, the view count is increased once every time someone opens your file in the viewer. If you're logged into Jumpshare and are the owner of the file, your view will only count once no matter how many times you open in.

For a folder with multiple files, view counts for all files are added up and shown as the overall view count for that folder.