Who can comment on your shared videos?

Figure out who gets to comment on your shared files. 

If you've enabled comments on your files or videos, anyone can comment on them. For Jumpshare Plus and Business users, even guest-users can be allowed to comment, regardless of whether they have signed up for Jumpshare or not.

How do I disable comments on my file?

  1. Click on your file to open it in the Jumpshare file viewer.
  2. Head to the button with the three dots on the top right corner of your window.
  3. Click on it and select Disable Comments from the list. Use the same process to enable comments again.

How to disable comments for your Workspace

Admins can enable or disable comments by default on their Workspace.

  1. Head to Settings on the web app, and go to Workspace.
  2. In the General tab, find the Comments section.
  3. You can disable comments by default for the workspace here, and choose whether comments will be public or isolated to only the members of the workspace.
  4. Click on Update when you're done.

📌 These global workspace settings can be over-ridden by team members individually from the file-viewer. They will not affect the settings of previously uploaded files, and will only affect new uploads.

Can someone who isn't on Jumpshare comment on my file?

If you are a Plus or Business user, guest users who have not signed into Jumpshare can be allowed to leave comments on your shared files using their usernames. Jumpshare also notifies you of comments both in-app and via email.

How do I tag people in comments?

You can tag people in the comments by using the "@" symbol on your keyboard. You can mention people by name if they are part of your Jumpshare workspace or via email if they are guests.