How to set advanced link privacy options

Share your links with specific people, lock your link, or make them accessible only to your workspace. 

Jumpshare Enterprise, Business and Plus lets you add link privacy from options ranging from completely public to completely private.

What link privacy options do I have?

  1. Click on Share on your file/folder to open the Share box.
  2. Head to the Privacy Settings tab.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu next to Link Privacy to see the following options:

Anyone with a link can access

Allows you to share your link publicly. Anyone with this link can open and view your video or files, and it can be shared forward by your viewers.

Restricted to specific people

If you choose to this option, you'll be asked to enter the email addresses of the people you want to have access to your file. Press Save when you're done. In order to view this file, your viewers would need to be logged in.

Anyone with a password can access

This option allows you to lock your file with a password. Once you select it, it will ask you to enter your desired password. Click Save, and only those who have the password will be able to view this file.

Everyone at [your Workspace] can access 

This option will make your file inaccessible to people outside your team and your current Workspace. This will also limit members from sharing the file with people outside the team. This feature is only available for Jumpshare Enterprise and Business.

Only you can access

Files in your personal library are already private since no one can access them apart from you unless you share them. However, you can deny access to files completely through this privacy setting. Select it, and voila - no force online can access it without your permission.

Your setting would be saved in real-time when you choose a privacy option.

How can I set default link privacy for my Workspace?

Jumpshare Business admins can opt for universal link privacy in their Workspace as a default.

  1. Open the Jumpshare web app.
  2. Head to Settings, and then Workspace.
  3. Go to the General tab, and scroll down to the Content Privacy section.
  4. Choose your preferred privacy option. These settings will only affect new uploads. The link privacy settings of previously shared or uploaded files shall remain unchanged.

📌 Team members can override this global setting on individual uploads from within the file-viewer.