Jumpshare Workspace and its Roles

Understanding the Jumpshare Workspace and the hierarchy of its member roles.

Your Workspace

Every Jumpshare account comes with one default Workspace, which is the name of your team, company, or organization. Jumpshare Plus, Business and Enterprise users can create more than one workspace allowing them to manage multiple workspaces under one account. Each Workspace contains Personal, Shared and Team Library

You can invite and add members to your workspace from Workspace settings. You can collaborate with the rest of your team members by creating screen recordings, GIFs, screenshots; sharing or viewing them online. Under a single account workspaces function independently of each other with each having different settings and members.

Workspace roles

The Jumpshare Workspace has three core roles; owner, admin and member, all with different levels of control and access.

Owner: The creator of the Workspace is assigned the role of the owner. The owner can update the Workspace settings, customize the Workspace, make other admins, and update billing details.

 📌 There can only be one owner in a Workspace. The owner alone has the power to delete the Workspace or appoint another owner.

Admin: Admins can add or remove members and make other members admins. The admin has the same controls as the owner of the Workspace, save two actions - they cannot delete the workspace or remove the owner. There can be multiple admins in a workspace.

Member: Members act as the team that makes up the Workplace. They do not have the permission to change the Workspace settings but can use all of Jumpshare's features depending on the plan.