An Introduction to your Libraries

Understanding the Personal, Shared, and Team libraries and how they work.

When you create a Jumpshare account, you get a default Workspace. The Workspace is the name of your company, team, or organization. Each Workspace comes with a Personal, Shared, and Team Library.

The Personal Library

The Personal Library is your own private library. Everyone on the Workspace gets their own personal library. All the video recordings and screenshots you take via the desktop app get uploaded directly to your Personal Library. From here you can share your files with anyone, move files to the Team Library, or invite individual members to collaborate on these files in the Shared Library.

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The Shared Library

The Shared Library is for internal team collaboration. If you invite specific members in the Workspace to collaborate on a file, only they will be able to view and access the file you've shared. This file will appear in the Shared Library, regardless of whether your collaborator has accepted the Invite link. 

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The Team Library

The Team Library is shared by all the members in the Workspace. You can move files into the Team library from your Personal Library, or vice-versa. While your default uploads such as screen recordings and screenshots appear in your Personal Library, you can create folders or upload files directly into the Team Library.

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