How to get more bandwidth for your Workspace

For every user invited to the Workspace, an extra download/preview bandwidth is added to the total pool. Depending on the number of team members added to the Workspace, it can go as high as the user wants without any limits.

Please note that this monthly bandwidth limit resets at the start of every month for all users.

📌 The Jumpshare Plus plan starts with 1 member in a Workspace, which is you. You can add additional members to your Workspace for a higher total monthly bandwidth pool. The Business and Enterprise plans, on the other hand, start with 3 members minimum.

Can I have fewer than 3 users in my Business plan?

Yes, but the minimum number of seats you get when you upgrade to Jumpshare Business is three. A single user can upgrade to a Business plan, and you can always add more members later on, or use the extra seats to collaborate with clients and contractors. The same follows for Jumpshare Enterprise.

Can I add another workspace to my Jumpshare account?

Yes, You can create as many workspaces under one Jumpshare account  for better team organization and collaboration. Please note that this option is only available for Jumpshare Premium users. Jumpshare Basic plan offers a single workspace.