How to start recording video with the Jumpshare desktop app

Getting started with Jumpshare video recording.

Recording your screen with Jumpshare is super simple. Jumpshare allows users to record your screen in up to 4K/Ultra HD quality, along with your webcam, audio, and click-tracking features.

Here's a small video on how you can start recording video with the Jumpshare desktop app:

How do I record videos with Jumpshare?

  1. Sign up with Jumpshare and download the desktop app for Mac or Windows.
  2. Launch the Jumpshare desktop app.
  3. You'll find the Record Screen button at the top left corner of the pop-up Jumpshare window. Click on it to open the recording window.
  4. Customize your recording window with the Jumpshare recording toolbar at the bottom. From the left the controls are:
    • Go Full-Screen: This button lets you record your full screen, from edge to edge.
    • Video Resolution: This goes all the way up to Ultra HD for Plus and Business users, but Basic users get to record in 720p max.
    • Settings: This opens the Preferences box for more detailed changes.
    • Screen Ratio: Set the aspect ratio of your screen to a standard size.
    • Enable Webcam: Enable/disable your webcam with the webcam icon or choose a different webcam. You can change webcam modes as well - find out how here.
    • Enable Audio/Microphone: Use the microphone icon to enable/disable audio or change audio sources. Find out more here.
    • Enable Click-tracking: The hand icon is the button you can use to enable/disable click-tracking.
📌 "Want more time" button: If you're a Basic user and would like to upgrade to get some more time added to your video, you can do that through here.

5. Once you have your screen customized, hit the Record button to start recording.

6. Once recording has started, the in-recording floating controls will appear on the side:

Pause/Resume: The Pause/Resume button will appear once the recording starts, next to the Finish button
Exit Recording window: The little X button lets you exit the recording window and discards your recording.
Finish: This is to end your recording so that it is automatically uploaded to your Personal Library.