How to add and invite members to your Workspace

Add, remove, invite members to your Workspace, and more.

How do I add new members to the Workspace?

  1. Go to Settings on the Jumpshare web app and choose Workspace.
  2. Open the Members tab.
  3. Click on the blue Add New Members button to send an invite via email - along with a note if you wish. 
  4. Or alternatively, you can just click the +Invite Members button in the side bar.

Can a team member add a new member to the Workspace?

Yes, they can - but admins can restrict them from this action through Workspace settings.

  1. Head to Settings and select Workspace.
  2. Go to the Members tab.
  3. Scroll down till you see the Member Settings section.
  4. Select whether members could be allowed to add new members and press Update.

📌 Admins also get a further option to allow only members with emails that share their company domain to be added to the Workspace. This can be found and changed through the Member Settings section as well.

What happens if I remove a member from the Workspace?

When you remove a team member from your workspace, you have an option to transfer the team member’s files to your account and make yourself the new owner of those files. The team member’s account is then automatically closed and they are logged out of the Workspace.

How do I leave a Workspace?

  1. Open Workspace Settings on the web app.
  2. Head to the Members tab.
  3. Click on the Leave Workspace button.
  4. Enter your password and click on Proceed.