How to configure SSO

Jumpshare provides single sign-on (SSO) service to our Enterprise customers which simplifies the login process and allows access to Jumpshare using a wide range of authentication services. Before you can configure SSO, you need to ensure that your workspace is subscribed to the Enterprise plan.

You can follow this guideline to configure SSO in your Jumpshare account.

Enable SSO

Enabling SSO is a two-step process that involves enabling SSO from Jumpshare Workspace Settings and then configuring it with your identity provider.

💡 Before configuring SSO, please make sure that all members of your Workspace use company domain-based email addresses. If there are any members of your Workspace with domains other than, they'll be blocked from logging into Jumpshare once SSO is enabled.

An Admin can configure SSO by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Security/SSO tab under Workspace settings
  2. Click Enable SSO checkbox to reveal more settings
  3. Provide your organization name and domain. Remember to use the same domain which is part of your and all your members’ email address.
  4. If you want all users within your domain to automatically join your Enterprise workspace, you can check the "Automatically allow team members with SSO to join the Workspace" option. If there are existing Jumpshare users who have their own workspace, they will be added to your Enterprise workspace as an additional workspace. If you keep it unchecked, new users who join Jumpshare with your domain-based email, will not be automatically added to your Enterprise workspace. Instead, they will have their own account/workspace. You can still invite them to join your Enterprise workspace.
  5. Click Update. This will redirect you to our partner WorkOS where you will be able to complete the SSO setup with a step by step guide.

Identity Provider Configuration

Jumpshare supports a wide range of popular identity providers including Okta, Microsoft Azure SAML, Google SAML, OneLogin, Auth0, and a lot more. Here on the first screen, you will choose the identity provider your organization is using and click the Get Started Button. Now you can follow the guide relevant to your identity provider.

Choose SSO Provider

Okta Configuration

Auth0 Configuration

You can visit our partner WorkOS to check out the instructions for setting up any one of the supported identity providers. Once you have configured SSO, all your team members, who have already joined Jumpshare, will be emailed to notify them about this change.

💡 Jumpshare does not support Directory Sync at the moment. If you remove any user from your identity provider, you will have to remove the user from your Jumpshare Workspace settings manually.

Update / Disable SSO

Once SSO is configured, you will see the Active status on Security/SSO page. If you want to make any changes to it, you can visit this screen again and click Update button after making changes. If your setup was incomplete in the last attempt, you will see Inactive status. You can click the Update button to launch the configuration wizard again.

To temporarily disable the SSO configuration, you can uncheck the  Enable SSO checkbox and click Update button.

If you do not need SSO configuration anymore, or want to set it up from scratch, you can also delete the SSO setup by clicking the Delete SSO Configuration link.

💡 If you downgrade your account to any other plan, SSO integration will be disabled.

💡 If you disable SSO, all of your team members will use the same login method that they were using before SSO integration. If any member directly joined your Enterprise workspace through SSO, they will have to use Forgot password page to set a new password and then log in using their email and password.


Can my Workspace have multiple SSO domains?

No. Right now we only support one domain, but support for multiple domains is coming soon!

Can we use SSO services with free email providers like Gmail?

No. You will have to use your organization’s domain-based email addresses to make SSO work.

Can Business plan workspaces use SSO service?

No. SSO is only available for the Enterprise plan.

Possible Errors

SSO is not enabled for your workspace

As the message clearly states, you or your workspace admin has not yet enabled the SSO. Or the SSO configuration is still incomplete. Contact your workspace admin to enable SSO and complete the setup. If you are having any issues, please contact us at 

Your organization's admin has not allowed automatic joining of Workspace using SSO. Please contact the admin and try again.

Like mentioned above in Enable SSO section, workspace admin can disable auto joining workspace option. If this option is disabled, and any user of same domain tries to login using SSO, this error will appear. You must request your workspace admin to invite you to the workspace to join it.

SSO login email doesn't match with created session email

This is a rare issue and will appear when you are logged-in with a different account on your identity provider, like okta, auth0 etc, than the email address you are trying to use to login at jumpshare. To avoid this, go to your identity provider and logout from the account first. Or use the same email to login on Jumpshare as your identity provider email address. 

Authorization server returned an invalid state

This is a security related issue when the response from identity provider does not match the expected result. We recommend you to refresh your page and try to login again.

Error occurred while verifying the token, please try again

This is also a security related issue when the response from identity provider does not match the expected result. We recommend you to refresh your page and try to login again.