How does the Shared Library work?

A library for all you've shared with people. 

The Shared Library on your Jumpshare workspace is exactly what it sounds like: a library of all the files that have been shared between you and other teammates.

What is the difference between the Shared library and the Team library?

The Team Library is a sharing space for your whole team, where every team member in the workspace can view, comment on, share, or download any of the files added to Team Library. Files in the Team Library can be viewed by the whole team. Files in the Shared Library are for individual internal collaboration and are viewed only by you and your invited teammates.

How does a file appear in the Shared Library?

A file or folder appears in the Shared Library after you invite another team member to collaborate on it. To do this, you need to:

  1. Click on the Share button at the top corner if your file is open in the viewer or select Share from the cogwheel menu if you're in a folder.
  2. When the Share box opens, head to the Invite tab.
  3. Add the name or email address of the team member you want to collaborate with and hit Invite.
📌 The file will appear in the Shared library regardless of whether your collaborator has accepted the invite link

How will I know if I've been invited to collaborate?

You'll be notified immediately by in-app notifications and through email. The notifications icon is the little bell on the top right corner of both the desktop and web apps. Click on the notification and you'll be taken to the file directly.