Why have my shared links suddenly stopped working?

If your clients can't preview your shared links, then your workspace has most probably run of it's monthly bandwidth limit. This limit gets renewed at the start of every month. 

Jumpshare Basic users are limited to 10GB public download bandwidth per month. Once all bandwidth for the month is used, the links will stop working until the month is up.

The Jumpshare Plus plan offers 600 GB public download bandwidth per month for 3 users, which is 40x more than the Free plan. The Jumpshare Business and Enterprise  plan is the best for heavy sharing, as it offers 300GB/user/month and 400GB/user/month download/preview bandwidth. 

You can get unlimited bandwidth for your workspace by adding more users. You can check how much bandwidth has been consumed for your workspace by heading to activity tab under Workspace Settings.

📌  If you still have bandwidth remaining and are facing this issue, contact us immediately and we'll figure it out.