Why can I not preview my file in the online viewer?

Jumpshare's online file viewer has a maximum size limit for each supported file type. You may be unable to preview your file in the viewer because its size exceeds this limit. Note that you can still download your file and view it locally.

Here's a list of file size limits for each file type supported by the Jumpshare file viewer:

  • Video (MP4): 4 GB
  • Video (Others): 2GB
  • Audio: 1 GB
  • Document/Presentation: 100 MB
  • Spreadsheet: 20 MB
  • Text/Code/Markdown/Font: 10 MB
  • Image: No Limit
  • Archive/Unknown file type: No limit

📌 If your file is under the size limit and you still can't preview it, there's a high chance it's not a file type supported by Jumpshare. You can find a list of all of Jumpshare's supported formats here.