How to capture a screenshot with the Jumpshare desktop app

Taking screenshots with Jumpshare made easy.

Jumpshare lets you capture crisp and high-quality screenshots and annotate them in detail. Let's dive right into how you can take screenshots with Jumpshare. 

Here's a simple video walkthrough to get you started:

How do I capture a screenshot?

It's super simple.

  1. Launch the Jumpshare desktop app.
  2. Click the Capture Screenshot tool at the top of the Jumpshare window - it's the small camera icon.
  3. Click and drag your pointer to highlight what area of your screen you want to capture. Upon release, the screenshot will be captured and immediately be opened in the Jumpshare image annotation window for you to edit.
📌 You can hover your mouse over a window and press the space bar to capture the whole window. A comprehensive list of the Jumpshare annotation tools can be found here.

Once you're done editing, the screenshot will be uploaded to your library or can be saved locally on your computer.

How to automatically upload screenshots captured on your Mac to Jumpshare

Jumpshare integrates with your Mac system's default screenshot feature to automatically upload them to your Personal Library.

  1. Launch the Jumpshare desktop app and open Preferences.
  2. Head to the Screenshot tab, and find the Automatically Upload feature.
  3. Check the box next to Upload from and select from where your screenshots would be automatically uploaded from your system.
  4. You can uncheck the box to disable the Auto-Upload feature.