How to enable system audio for screen recordings

The Jumpshare desktop app lets you record your screen along with the audio being played by your system. This allows you to, for example, record both the video and audio of your Google Meet and Zoom meetings, along with audio input from your mic. You can enable system audio recording in a couple of simple steps before you start recording.

📌 For Mac, system audio recording is only supported on macOS Ventura and onwards.

1. Click the Jumpshare kangaroo icon in the system tray or menu bar, then click Record

2. Follow the instructions in the on-screen prompt to pick a capture method.

3. Click the mic icon in the screen recording controls (at the bottom of your selection or side of the screen).

4. Enable the Use System Audio option at the bottom of the menu.

If you are unable to record system audio despite having followed these steps, please email us at