How to invite users to collaborate on a file

The more, the merrier. 

How do I share a file with a single team member?

Instead of uploading a file to the Team library, you can choose to collaborate on a file with specific team members. 

  1. Upload the file to your Personal library and share it. 
  2. In the Share box, go to the Invite tab. 
  3. Invite them by name or email.

How will I know if someone has shared a file with me?

You'll never miss a file being shared with you because of Jumpshare's in-app notifications paired with an email. The bell icon on the top right of the desktop and web apps will turn into a red dot to signify the number of notifications.

How do I remove someone from a shared file?

You can remove someone from a shared file after you are done collaborating. 

  1. Go to the Share box by clicking on the cogwheel menu on the desired file. 
  2. Go to the Invite tab and remove anyone with a click.