How to use the video drawing tool

Drawing on videos made super simple.

Make your videos more dynamic by drawing on your videos while recording. Draw on your video to highlight parts on screen and use the color palette to your advantage.

Here's a quick video on how it works:

How do I draw on my video while recording?

  1. Launch the recording window from the Record Screen button in the Jumpshare desktop app.
  2. When you press Record, the drawing feature will appear on the bottom right of the screen while you're recording your video. If you're recording in full screen, it will appear in the floating controls to the left.
  3. Once the recording has begun, click on the Draw button to open a color palette.
  4. Pick a color and start drawing.

How do I erase drawn lines during recording?

When in drawing mode pressing the X button that appears on the bottom right next to the color palette removes all drawing strokes made onscreen.

You can undo a stroke by pressing Ctrl+Z on Windows and Cmd+Z on Mac. Also, once you are done with recording and you click the Finish button, all drawings will be erased, if you haven't already clicked the X button during recording.