How to record your webcam

Here's all you need to know about recording your webcam with Jumpshare. 

Express yourself better by recording your webcam along with your screen using Jumpshare. Use different webcam modes and even go full-screen with your webcam.

How do I record my webcam with my screen?

  1. Click on the Record button at the top of the Jumpshare desktop app.
  2. When the recording window appears, click on the webcam icon on the bottom left to enable it.
  3. Choose your preferred webcam size mode, and hit Record.

 📌 Please note that the webcam is enabled when you open the recording window for the first time. If you disable it, it will remain that way when you open the recording window again.

How do I choose a different webcam?

If you've got more than one webcam connected to your system, Jumpshare will show you all the available recording devices in the pop-up menu that appears when you click on the little camera icon at the bottom of your recording window. Take your pick and hit Record.

Can I flip my webcam?

Yes, you can. Click on the little camera icon at the bottom right of your recording window and select/deselect Flip Webcam. Usually, your webcam is flipped by default for a better experience, but you can always flip it again.

How do I disable my webcam?

In case of a bad hair day, since we all have those, you can disable your webcam bubble entirely before recording. Head to the webcam icon at the bottom of the recording window and click on it to open the pop-up menu. Click on None to disable your webcam. You'll have to enable it again the next time you open the Jumpshare recording window.