How to record video with click-tracking

All you need to know about Jumpshare click-tracking.

Click-tracking ensures that your viewers hang on to every click you make and follow you through the whole video.

How do I enable click-tracking?

Jumpshare click-tracking is enabled by default, but you can turn it on very easily if it isn't.

  1. Click on the Record Screen icon to open the recording window.
  2. Head to the hand icon at the bottom right of the window and click on it.

 📌 To disable click-tracking, click on the hand icon again. The icon turning white upon clicking indicates that click-tracking is switched off. The click-tracking feature will remain disabled until you enable it again. 

Is there Jumpshare keyboard tracking?

Not yet, but we're currently working on fitting it into the recording window soon. You guys will be the first to know when it's done!