How to record screen, audio and webcam simultaneously

Find out all you need to know about recording with Jumpshare here.

Jumpshare lets you record your screen, audio, and webcam in excellent quality - and in tandem. All the media gets recorded simultaneously and without any delays.

Here's a quick video walkthrough:

How do I record my screen, audio and, webcam?

  1. Open the Jumpshare desktop app.
  2. Click the Record Screen button. Its icon looks like a video camera.
  3. This will open the recording window.
  4. Enable webcam and audio from their dedicated icons at the bottom right of the recording window. You can change webcam modes and audio sources.
  5. Hit Record to start, and Finish to end the recording.
📌 All these features - audio, webcam, and click-tracking - are enabled by default when the recording window opens, but in case they aren't, you can enable them from their dedicated icons on the bottom of the recording window.

Can I record more than one screen?

Short answer - yes, you can.

  1. Open the Jumpshare recording window.
  2. Hover your mouse over the screen you want to record.
  3. Once the recording window appears on that screen, hit Record - and off you go!