How to record audio

Getting started with Jumpshare audio recording.

Jumpshare's Voice and Audio Recording feature is simple and handy for taking clear audio clips with a choice between audio sources.

How do I record audio?

  1. Open the Jumpshare desktop app window.
  2. Head to the More button at the top right corner.
  3. Select Record Voice Clip from the menu.
  4. This will open the voice recording window. The display will show a voiceprint so that you can see that audio is being captured.
  5. Click Record to start and Finish to end the recording.
📌 Once you've ended the recording, the audio recording will be uploaded automatically to your Personal Library.

What are my audio playback options?

You can playback your audio in the Jumpshare file viewer at different speeds - from 0.5x up to 2x the original speed of the audio.